Photo Credit: Melanie Grizzel, Austin, TX.

Photo Credit: Melanie Grizzel, Austin, TX.

What they're saying...

"Andrew was a real crowd-pleaser. His music is original and entertaining, but his skill as a story-teller is tremendous, and his narratives connected solidly with the audience. I would gladly host him again."

— B. Melendez

“It was a real pleasure to host Andrew. He is a great person and was very appreciative of the opportunity to play. Andrew’s performance was amazing as well as everything else that went along with it. I was very impressed as were the guests. We can’t wait to see Andrew again in the future!”

— J. Taylor

Personable Andrew Sullivan created synergy that continued through the evening. He and the crowd exchanged banter and laughter, and people hummed along with his catchy refrains (i.e., “Already Beautiful”). Andrew’s pleasant vocals and rhythm-guitar style were so easy to listen to that our audience wanted more. Hearing Andrew’s biographical stories and uplifting songs made for a lovely, laid-back, entertaining, summer house concert.”

— M. Routen

“Andrew is a terrific singer/songwriter and he put-on a great show for us. He is personable and fun to be with and has great stories interspersed with his numbers that make the songs more meaningful. He is easy to host and very considerate. I would highly recommend him!”

— B. Raymond

"Andrew Sullivan is a great song crafter. His music quietly dances around the theme of good love songs, but his catchy choruses keep you coming back for more. We had a weak crowd due to rain, but Andrew was kind and generous with his gift."

— A. Barron