do you like having friends over?

you will love hosting a house concert.

simply invite your guests and let me take care of the rest!


It's just before sunset and you're watching a songwriter perform his original songs. Even better, it's a private concert and the performance is taking place in your backyard, just for you and your friends. Between songs, the artist shares the stories that helped create the songs he has written, and after he performs, he will spend time getting to know you and everyone else who attended. 

This is what house concerts are all about!

you only need 2 things to be a host:

1. at least 15-20 adult guests in attendance

With 15 people in attendance, everyone is comfortable in the listening-room-style environment. It's important that your guests know that it's a concert and their attention is appreciated. This is different from a party that has live background music. Well-behaved kids are welcome! It's important to note that roughly half the people you invite will attend. Plan on inviting at least 30-40 adults, because it's more than likely that half of them won't make it.

2. space for your guests

It doesn't have to be anything huge or fancy. I'd wager that more than 75% of american homes today could comfortably fit 15-20 people in some part of their home, and some of my best shows have been in smaller spaces. Many hosts elect to host me in their backyards! For seating, it may work well to have your guests bring a lawn chair, sit on a blanket, or, perhaps you have some folding chairs?


Interested in hosting? send me your info.

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This is NOT a binding agreement. I will confirm with you via email/phone.

What my past hosts are saying:

It was a real pleasure to host Andrew and his wife. They are great people and were very appreciative of the opportunity to play. Andrew’s performance was amazing as well as everything else that went along with it. I was very impressed as were the guests. We can’t wait to see Andrew again in the future!
— J. Taylor, February 2017
Personable Andrew Sullivan enthusiastically greeted each guest upon arrival, creating synergy that continued through the evening. He and the crowd exchanged banter and laughter, and people hummed along with his catchy refrains (i.e., “Already Beautiful”). Andrew’s pleasant vocals and rhythm-guitar style were so easy to listen to that our audience wanted more. Hearing Andrew’s biographical stories and uplifting songs made for a lovely, laid-back, entertaining, summer house concert.
— M. Routen, July 2016
Andrew is a terrific singer/songwriter and he put-on a great show for us. He is personable and fun to be with and has great stories interspersed with his numbers that make the songs more meaningful. He is easy to host and very considerate. I would highly recommend him!
— B. Raymond, July 2016

Please direct any other questions here. You can expect a reply within 24 hours, and often much sooner than that!