National Puppy Day

According to social media pages everywhere, today is National Puppy Day. As a lover of all animals, why shouldn't I oblige and add to the deluge of adorable pics?

One twist though.

My pics come courtesy of Legacy Boxer Rescue, a great organization in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, who seeks to re-home Boxers. One day I'd love to take them up on it. Here is a sampling of some pups who are currently looking for a new home.

Meet Jax.

This is Jennifer.

How about Buster Blue?

I'm a big fan of Gino.

And lastly, if you're wanting a PUPPY for National Puppy Day, I suggest you check out Cano. He's only 3 months old!

Ever since I met my grandfather's (now deceased) Boxer, named Molly, I've been a huge fan of the breed. Their energy levels and expressive faces are right up my alley.

Lots of great animal rescue/assistance organizations are out there, and Legacy Boxer Rescue is no different. Go check 'em out!