Meet "The" Chickens in the Yard.

It's true that I own 5 chickens and that they live in my back yard. In fact, they live a (mostly) free-range existence back there every day. I say mostly because they sleep in a coop at night with  roof overhead, and the coop is inside a lockable dog run made of chain link fencing. During the day, however, when I'm home, they have the chance to go wherever they'd like in the back yard (which is fenced and shaded by a big tree). 

Did I mention that they're all named after songs?

There's Buttercup (wearing yellow) and Roxanne (in brown). Sweet Caroline in the back sadly got sick and passed away in mid-2014:

2013-06-20 13.11.25.jpg

There's Marianne (on the right in black and white):

This is Layla:

And last, but not least, Billie Jean:

They're my girls, and despite the fact that they have a large yard to run around and be a chicken in all day, it seems like many afternoons are spent being lazy by the back door, either hoping for a "treat" or preening:

That's Delilah up above in white. She sadly got sick and died back in 2013. She and Billie Jean are the same breed (silkie). Not sure if they're sisters because I'm not a chicken geneticist but they are certainly nice and fluffy!

Now you know "the" Chickens in the Yard. They also pay rent: