who is andrew sullivan?



Talented and friendly Andrew Sullivan is a 31-year-old singer/songwriter from Fort Worth, Texas, drawing inspiration from both country and pop artists like George Strait, Ben Rector, Jason Isbell and Dave Barnes. 

Shortly after receiving his degree from TCU in Radio, TV & Film, he turned down a job offer from ESPN Radio to instead pursue a career in music, which had always been a secret goal of his.

Since 2010, he was been writing music and performing full-time, with a rigorous annual schedule that includes approximately 200 performances per year.  

A highly motivated and personable artist, Andrew focuses heavily on performing at private events and house concerts around the USA. He also performs multiple times per week on Periscope and YouTube.

His four studio albums can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms, as well as iTunes, Google Play Store, and Amazon.

Lastly, Andrew's most devoted fans, known as "The Chicken Club," can be found on Patreon.com, where they enjoy weekly new original songs uploaded for their exclusive enjoyment.

Photo credit: Melanie Grizzel, Austin, TX

Photo credit: Melanie Grizzel, Austin, TX